Leopard Catamarans

Leopard Catmarans invloved creating my first custom module. This is a build the boat section (not live on the site yet, due to delays in creating content by the client). In the section the user is able to customise a boat on the website, much like you can do on many major car manufacturers websites, during the process the images of the boat are updated in real-time using ajax and the php GD library, depending on the options the user has chosen. At the end of the process the user is able to download a pdf file of the options. The site also has custom search functionality, integration of media modules to allow streaming from youtube and display of Virtual Tours using HTML5 to allow playability on all platforms. The project was built upon the Drupal 7 CMS. It is also a multilingual site.

The design was worked on in conjunction with Philth  and is responsive