First experiences with Drupal 7

My first experience with Drupal 7 was quite a painful one, to the point that I almost started again in Drupal 6.

Having used Drupal 6 for some time, and having quite good knowledge of the system, I decided that I should take the plunge and do my own new website in Drupal 7. I thought, how different can it be? Well it turns out quite a bit. The biggest stumbling block for me was is the integration of some of the key modules in Drupal 6 into Drupal 7 core. This should be a relatively easy experience, but unfortunately it's not. This is mainly down to the functionality being there, but not being turned on by default, and being renamed. I don't know if the developers of Drupal recreated these modules themselves or whether they struck a deal with the original developers, but it just would have been nice to keep the same names. For example, you no longer need imagecache as it's now called images styles.
Anyway that aside I persevered and I now can fully see the benefits of Drupal 7 and I would say am up to speed.

Themeing is slightly different it would seem, I couldn't seem to create files in the same way that I did on Drupal 6, but I do like the new html.tpl.php template file. For this website I used the Framework theme to build upon. I would have preferred to start from scratch but there doesn't seem to be a lot of tutorials about styling from scratch with Drupal 7 yet. I was having problems with Drupal throwing up error messages because it wasn't finding regions in my .info file. Frame work seems a good starting point though, it is exactly what it says, a basic 960px wide frame work. And of course as always I have re-written parts of the page.tpl.php file to allow me to control
and other HTML.