F1 delays 'Green' engines

I was a bit sad today to find out that F1 has decided to delay the introduction of 'greener' engines. Read about it here. The plan was to introduce 1.6 litre 4 cylinder turbo charged engines in to F1 in 2013. There has been similar engines in F1 before reaching over 1000 bhp. I was looking forward to it, not just because they were 'greener' but also because it could have been reminicent of the 80s. Instead they have come to a comprimise and V6 engines will now be used starting in 2014.

It would seem that one of the main oppositions to the changes were Ferrari. Ferrari didn't want the engines as they produce nothing like it in their road cars. Mercedes was also against it as the development time wasn't enough. It would seem that a large number of teams were actually in favour of it though, certainly Renault and Williams seemed to like the idea. Of course there are commercial reason to that too. Renault plans for 3/4 of it's production to be small capacity hybrid engines by 2015.

Firstly I think it's very sad that a team such as Ferrari can have that much power as to change a rule simply because it doesn't suit their commercial side. Ferrari seem to have grown in to this super power within F1 on the grounds that they've been there the longest. I don't buy into that. Great teams have come and gone in F1, Tyrell, Brabham, Lotus. F1 is not Ferrari and it only seems that in the demise of these other teams that it has established itself this position. There are other teams in F1 that have also been there a long time Mclaren and Williams both came into the sport in the late 60s and Mercedes roots can be traced back to Matra, Mercedes -> Brawn GP -> Honda -> BAR -> Tyrell -> Matra

Surely it should be Ferrari that have to modernise and get with the times. They will have to do it eventually. 

I also think it's very sad for the sport and the rest of the world. F1 has always been the innovators of new technology. That's a fact, what goes into an F1 car will eventually in some shape or form make it to the road car. We need F1 to invest its time and money into Greener technologies. F1 also needs to show that it's interested in the green technologies and that it can still be 'cool' otherwise I fear F1 may die out. I always hear arguments about the fact that the huge amount of carbon emmisions involved in transporting equipment, running the GP etc. etc. far outweighs the carbon emmisions from 24 cars buzzing around a track for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. It's probably true, but it's not the point. This scenario is true for any major event so why single it out to F1, but the point is it's about showing that F1 is commited, it's about F1 growing and developing the technology and making it known to the public. 

F1 and motorsport has to change sooner or later, so why not be the innovators?